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Global Financial Partnership Center

Located at the offices of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in the heart of Tokyo, the Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC) was founded in 2014 as the Asian Financial Partnership Center (AFPAC).


GLOPAC works to find solutions to issues in the international finance market, to help countries refine and develop financial regulatory infrastructure, and to build relationships with financial authorities around the world.

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Our Participants

GLOPAC was created to help foster an interconnected community of financial regulators. Its Visiting Fellows and interns come from many different areas of financial regulation around the world.

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Meet Our Visiting Fellows

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Fellowship Program

  • 2-3 MonthProgram

  • 185 ParticipantsFrom 37 Countries & Regions

  • ProfessionalDevelopment

The training and research Programs at GLOPAC are tailored to each Visiting Fellow’s areas of interest. Over the course of 2 to 3 months, Visiting Fellows will attend lectures on various aspects of the Japanese financial regulatory system, visit the offices of Japanese financial services, conduct individual research, and travel to different parts of Japan.

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Former Visiting Fellows

Some of our former Visiting Fellows have
shared their experiences with us.

  • Mr. Nguyen Vu Phuong, Vietnam

    July, 2017

    “It was the most amazing experience that I have been through in my life.”

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  • Mr. Prabhas Rath, India

    July, 2015

    “I feel fortunate to have been associated with the AFPAC, now renamed as GLOPAC.”

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  • Ms. Dilek Sakallioglu, Turkey

    October, 2017

    “My experience was educational and visionary with the educational content of the GLOPAC program and it was stimulating in terms of meeting new people and new cultures.”

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